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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research!

The Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) was established within the Higher School of Economics, a National Research University, in November 2010, when professors Ronald Inglehart and Eduard Ponarin were awarded a mega-grant by the government of the Russian Federation. According to Resolution No. 220, the purpose of the grant is ‘to attract leading scientists to Russian institutions of higher learning’ (contract number 11.G34.31.0024; purpose: economics, sociology, and international research).

The LCSR aims at developing rigorous quantitative and comparative (cross-country and cross-regional) studies in Russian social science. The joint effort of international and Russian scholars within the Laboratory will bring comparative sociology in the Higher School of Economics to the forefront of international research. The focus of research will be on comparative studies of social change – the analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data.


Mar 5

March, 5 — regular seminar

Topic: “Country-level predictors in historical perspective”
Speaker: Andrey Shcherbak (LCSR, Senior Research Fellow)


Mar 12

5th Sociological Grushinskaya Conference "Profound Sociology: Ways to Broaden the Spacial Analysis of Data"

5th Sociological Grushinskaya Conference "Profound Sociology: Ways to Broaden the Spacial Analysis of Data" is one of the main events in the sphere of applied sociology in Russia. LCSR together with non-profit organization "Eurasian Monitor" will hold special section "Everything is Cognized in Comparison. The Experience of International Comparative Researches". The key lecturers are Zadorin Igor and Eduard Ponarin . Event will take place in Moscow, Russia, 12-13th of March.


Mar 31–Apr 6

LCSR - EBES training methodological workshop

LCSR together with EBES are happy to announce a five days training methodological workshop "Economic and Social Changes: values effects across Eurasia” on advanced quantitative methods in comparative studies. The workshop will take place in Antalya, Turkey on March 31 - April 6, 2015.


Apr 7–10

Fifth LCSR International Workshop

Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (HSE) announces a call for the Fifth LCSR International Workshop “Social and Cultural changes in cross-national perspective: Subjective Well-being, Trust, Social capital and Values” which will be held within the XVI April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development of the National Research University Higher School of Economics on April 7 – April 10, 2015 in Moscow.



Apr 1

6th Annual Conference in Political Economy

"Rethinking Economics: Pluralism, Interdisciplinarity and Activism" 9 – 11 September 2015 University of Leeds, U.K. The deadline for submission of proposals for papers and panels is 1 April 2015.



Feb 24, 2015

New preprint by Ekaterina Lytkina

New preprint "Anomie and Alienation in the Post-Communist Area: A Reapplication of the Middleton Scale in Russia and Kazakhstan" written by Ekaterina Lytkina, LCSR  Junior Research Fellow, was published in SSRN.


Feb 22, 2015

New preprint by Anna Shirokanova

New preprint "Protestant Work Ethic Among the Muslims: Changeable Empirical Evidence" written by Anna Shirokanova, LCSR Associate Researcher, was published in SSRN.


Feb 18, 2015

New Article by Peter Meylakhs in Sociology of Health and Illness

An article titled “Taking care of themselves: how long-term injection drug users remain HIV and Hepatitis C free” written by Peter Meylakhs together with Samuel R. Friedman, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Milagros Sandoval and Nastia Meylakhs was published in renowned journal “Sociology of Health and Illness”.


Feb 13, 2015


Russian Public Opinion Research Center WCIOM has announced the results of the competition "The Researcher - 2015". The LCSR research-assistant, Nina Iltshenko, has won the prize in the nomination for "The Best Empirical Work".


Dec 22, 2014

New Book!

Associate researcher of the LCSR Anna Shirokanova has contributed a chapter to a book titled “Dynamic of the Value-Normative System and Life Chances: Post-Soviet Transformation Experience in the Borderland”.


Dec 22, 2014


Recently Daria Salnikova (LCSR research assistant) took the 3rd place in a research competition among students of Higher School of Economics.


Nov 24, 2014


New issue (№ 11) of the journal “Sociological studies” contains a section of articles by LCSR researchers.


Nov 20, 2014

Results of the IV LCSR International Conference

The conference has finished. Let's sum up the results.