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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research!

The Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) was established within the Higher School of Economics, a National Research University, in November 2010, when professors Ronald Inglehart and Eduard Ponarin were awarded a mega-grant by the government of the Russian Federation. According to Resolution No. 220, the purpose of the grant is ‘to attract leading scientists to Russian institutions of higher learning’ (contract number 11.G34.31.0024; purpose: economics, sociology, and international research).

The LCSR aims at developing rigorous quantitative and comparative (cross-country and cross-regional) studies in Russian social science. The joint effort of international and Russian scholars within the Laboratory will bring comparative sociology in the Higher School of Economics to the forefront of international research. The focus of research will be on comparative studies of social change – the analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data.


Apr 24 18:00

April, 24 - regular seminar

Topic: "Is individual social capital linked to the implementation of entrepreneurial intentions?" 
Speaker: Alexander Tatarko


Jun 29 9:00

4th LCSR Summer School: Categorical Data Analysis

The deadline for Submission is April 20, 2014



May 7 1:00

Individual Research Visits to EUROLAB, GESIS

September - December 2014


May 31 18:00

3rd GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Cologne, Germany, August 7-29, 2014


Aug 31 23:00

Sociologies of Everyday Life. Sociology (a journal of the British Sociological Association) Special Issue

Sociology (a journal of the British Sociological Association) Special Issue. The deadline for submissions is  August 31, 2014



Apr 19, 2014

Testing the Second Demographic Transition Theory with Seemingly Unrelated Regression: Marital Postponement and Human Empowerment

Evgenia Bystrov's article was accepted for publication in the European Sociological Review


Apr 17, 2014

How to Evaluate the Value of Human Life?

A paper by Tatiana Karabchuk, Marina Nikitina, Victoria Remezkova and Natalia Soboleva in "Economic Sociology"


Apr 6, 2014

4th LSCR International Workshop. Day 8

Maria Kravtsova's overview


Apr 5, 2014

4th LSCR International Workshop. Day 7

Ekaterina Dergunova tells about the most interesting events of the day


Apr 4, 2014

4th LSCR International Workshop. Day 6

by Victoria Remezkova


Apr 2, 2014

4th LSCR International Workshop. Day 5

Tatian Stepanenko reviewed LCSR workshop's plenary lectures


Apr 1, 2014

4th LCSR International Workshop. Day 4

Ekaterina Dergunova's summary