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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research!

LCSR was established within the National Research University Higher School of Economics in November 2010. The scientific adviser of LCSR is professor Ronald Inglehart (University Of Michigan), a prominent American sociologist and political scientist, the founder of post-materialism theory, and author of more than 225 scientific papers. LCSR is the only official partner and representative of World Values Survey and European Values Study in Russia, and the partner of Eurasian Monitor!

You can find more detailed information about the Laboratory in the section "about LCSR".


Apr 18–22

6th LCSR International Workshop

The Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (HSE) announces a call for the 6th LCSR International Workshop “Trust, Social capital and Values in a Comparative Perspective”, which will be held within the XVII April International Academic Conference of NRU HSE on April 18 – April 22, 2016  in Moscow, Russia. The submission deadline is January 25, 2016.


Jul 25–Aug 5

Summer School-2016

LCSR is pleased to announce the 6th LCSR Summer School. The school will take place in July 25– August 5, 2016, in Moscow, Russia. Deadline for registration:  May 15, 2016.


Sep 15–17

WAPOR regional conference

LCSR is pleased to announce the WAPOR regional conference "Survey Research and the Study of Social and Cultural Change". The conference will take place in September 15– 17, 2016, in Moscow, Russia. Deadline for registration:  May 10, 2016.



Oct 26–28

16th Aleksanteri Conference: Life and Death in Russia

Call for Papers for the 16th Aleksanteri Conference, Life and Death in Russia is open! The conference will take place in Helsinki on 26-28 October 2016. Deadline for application is 15 May 2016.



Apr 27, 2016

Decreasing Labor-Labor Exchange Rate

The LCSR staff prepared a review of Andranik Tangian`s lecture «Decreasing Labor-Labor Exchange Rate as a Cause of Inequality Growth», which was presented on the Sixth LCSR International Workshop.


Apr 27, 2016

Trust, Cooperation and Development

The LCSR staff prepared a review of Timur Kuran`s lecture «Trust, Cooperation and Development: Historical Roots», which was presented on the Sixth LCSR International Workshop.


Apr 24, 2016

New Video about the Conference

Prof. Christian Welzel (LCSR Chief Research Fellow) and Anna Nemirovskaya (LCSR Senior Research Fellow) gave a speech regarding the April conference.


Apr 20, 2016

Human Values Depend on Economy

HSE.ru published an article about honorary lecture delivered by Ronald Inglehart (Academic Supervisor of LCSR) on the 6th LCSR International Research Workshop. The lecture was devoted to ‘Reshaping Human Motivations and Society, 1896-2014’.


Apr 18, 2016

First day of the Seminar!

We are pleased to announce that the 6th LCSR International Workshop “Trust, Social Capital and Values in a Comparative Perspective” started on Monday, 18 April at the HSE, Moscow. The Seminar is organized within the XVII April International Academic Conference at the HSE.


Apr 12, 2016

Introduction to R

The Laboratory shares the lectures on the topic "Basic Statistics and Introduction to R", which were developed and delivered by Prof. Eduard Ponarin in the Faculty of Social Science, NRU HSE, Moscow, Russia.


Apr 7, 2016

Central Asians Happier Than Russians

Correspondents of OPEC.ru published a review article of the research conducted by to Tatiana Karabchuk (Ex-Deputy Head of LCSR) and Daria Salnikova (LCSR Research Assistant). The study is devoted to subjective wellbeing and life satisfaction of Central Asian countries` citizen.


Apr 6, 2016

For fair elections

New article by Margarita Zavadskaya (LCSR Senior Research Fellow) and her colleagues titled "When do political parties join protests? A comparative analysis of party involvement in “for fair elections” movement" was published in the recent issue of "East European Politics".