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Summer School - 2013

Laboratory for Comparative Social Research of the National Research University Higher School of Economics is pleased to announce the 3d LCSR Summer School on “Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis (MCFA) and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling (MSEM) in MPLUS” . The School will take place in  August 18 - 30 , 2013, in St. Petersburg (Gelios Hotel, Zelenogorsk).

The goal of this summer school is to provide assistance for graduate students and young researchers from various fields within social sciences in developing their skills in quantitative social research with focus on Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling and Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis. The main course in the LCSR Summer school will be held by professor Hermann Dülmer (University of Cologne). Kirill Zhirkov (MSc, Utrecht University; M.A., European University at Saint Petersburg), an LCSR research fellow, will be the assistant for professor Dülmer.

There is a restricted number of free of charge places for those who will be selected during the competition. We will also provide additional 15 places for 1000 euro (including accommodation, food and summer school fees). 

Summer School News

19.09.2013 Interview with Professor Hermann Dülmer

About Third LCSR Summer School

10.09.2013 LCSR Summer School. How It Was?

An article by Ekaterina Turanova

05.09.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 10

Eduard Ponarin shares his impressions about the LCSR Summer School and tells about further plans of the Lab

31.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 10

Sofia Lopatina describes the last day of the School

29.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 9

by Alexey Domanov

28.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 8

Pavel Kuzmichev highlights Wednesday reports and lectures

27.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 7

Ruslan Almukhametov tells about the most interesting events of the day

27.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 6

by Ekaterina Turanova

23.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 5

Sofia Lopatina reviews Friday presentations and lectures

22.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 4

Alexey Domanov highlights the day

22.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 3

Pavel Kuzmichev's article

21.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 2

Ruslan Almukhametov's report

20.08.2013 LCSR Summer School. Day 1

Ekaterina Turanova talks about the most interesting events of the day

19.08.2013 Multilevel CFA and Multilevel SEM

3rd LCSR Summer School starts today 

04.08.2013 Keynote speakers

We are pleased to introduce keynote speakers of the LCSRSummer School on our website

02.08.2013 How to Get the Summer School Venue?

Information about the Summer School venue location is available at the website 

30.07.2013 Day Outline

Preliminary Program for the 3rd LCSR has just been published at the Lab website

28.07.2013 Day Outline

Now you can become acquainted with a typical LCSR Summer School day outlne

15.04.2013 Course Information

Detailed description of all three courses offered during the Third LCSR Summer School is now available at the Lab website.

03.12.12 Announcement

The announcement of the 3rd LCSR Summer School has been published at the Lab Website.






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