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Summer School - 2011: Multilevel analysis in comparative studies

LCSR organizes the Summer School on the theory and methodology for comparative research. The aim of the Summer School is to develop skills and improve research competencies of students and PhD students by interaction with the world's leading researchers. English will be the working language of the Summer School. 

Тhe program for LCSS Summer School

Session plan: 

Lecture plan:

As part of the school and the performances of employees and LCSR contestants:

  • E.Varshaver, The Effect of Values on Ethnic Cleavages in Global Cities
  • V.Titkova, Values and Wars: The Level of Modernization and Causation of Conflicts
  • M.Kravtsova, Can corruption constrain itself?
  • M.Rudnev, Comparison of the Predictive Power and Predictability of the Inglehart and Schwartz Value
  • O.Gryaznova, Collectivistic and Individualis-tic Values as Factors Affecting Subjective Conceptions and Evaluations of State Social Support
  • C.Swader, L.Kosals, Informal Relationships and Modernization in transformation countries and beyond
  • A.Almakaeva, Out-group Trust and Its De-terminants: An Example of In-group Trust
  • E.Prutskova, Impact of Religiosity at Attitudes Towards Abortion
  • D.Oreshina, Value Profile of Orthodox Christian: сomparative Perspective
  • T.Karabchuk, Career-Fertility Combina-tions among Women and their Effect on Life Satisfac-tion
  • S.Kroitor, Happiness and Life Satisfaction as Indicators of Subjective Well-Being: Comparative Analysis
  • J.Zelikova, Successful Aging: Subjective Wellbeing in Late Life Period
  • S.Khutka, Subjective Well-Being and Hu-man Agency in Transition Countries
  • E.Bystrova, Traditional Family Behaviour and Attitudes from Human Empowerment Perspec-tive (New!)
  • V.Kozlov, Perception of ageing and the third age (comparative analysis) (New!)
  • T Petrova, The inequality of educational achievement among schoolchildren: a cross-country comparison (New!)
  • J.Govronova, The Influence of Psycho-logical Characteristics of Culture on Russian and German Students’ Professional Identity (New!)
  • M.Fabrykant, Patterns of Nationalism in Post-Soviet States
  • M.Zavadskaya, When Do Elections Support Autocracy? The Incumbent Strategies, Po-litical Competition and Authoritarian Regime Sur-vival
  • A.Zakharov, Changes in European vot-ing patterns: is the new left-right dimension becom-ing more important, and why?
  • A.Nemirovskaya, Social Tolerance Un-der Harsh Conditions
  • A.Shcherbak, Tolerance of Homosexual-ity as a Prediction of Innovative Economic Behavior
  • K.Zhirkov, The interconnection between dissatisfaction, anti-Americanism, and anti-modernism
  • N.Firsova, What makes people feel free: Is subjective freedom explained by the same factors in different countries?
  • A.Shirokanova, Indvidualization of Morality and Sources of Social Solidarity in Post-Soviet East European Societies
  • M.Ravlik, dissertation project (New!)
  • V.Kostenko, dissertation project (New!)


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