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Course Information

Main course

Categorical Data Analysis

Lecturer: Jacques Hagenaars, Tilburg University
Assistant: Zsuzsa Bakk, Tilburg University
Jacques A. Hagenaars is emeritus-professor in Methods and Techniques of Social Science Research, Department of Methodology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tilburg University. He also has a professorship in IMPALLA-Advanced Master in Social Policy Analysis, Leuven University (KULeuven). His main research interests are in the area of categorical data analysis, longitudinal studies and latent variable models. He has published several books and a number of articles on these topics
Zsuzsa Bakk is a PhD student at the Tilburg University.

  • Lecture 1. Categorical variables and general basic concepts
  • Lecture 2. Loglinear modeling; testing and estimation
  • Lecture 3. Loglinear modelling; ordinal and interval variables; sparse tables
  • Lecture 4. Logit models
  • Lecture 5. Categorical SEM
  • Lecture 6. Latent class (measurement) model; basic model
  • Lecture 7. Variants of Latent structure models; Categorical SEM with latent variables
  • Lecture 8. Applications; Changes over Time; Survey complexities
  • Working on your own model
  • Finalizing your own model; Presenting your own model

Additional courses

Modernization and Cultural Change (3 lectures)

Lecturer: Ronald Inglehart (University of Michigan, LCSR HSE)
Ronald Inglehart is famous American political scientist. He was the President of  World Value Survey  Association in 1988 – 2013. He is also the winner of the 2011  Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science  (together with Pippa Norris). Now he is Amy and Alan Lowenstein Professor in Democracy, Democratization and Human Rights at the University of Michigan and Professor at the Higher School of Economics, and also the Scientific Supervisor of the LCSR. 
  • Lecture 1. Evolutionary Modernization and Cultural Change
  • Lecture 2. Modernization, Secularization and Human Happiness
  • Lecture 3. Modernization and World Peace

Political support and Democratic Values in cross-national perspective (5 lectures)

Lecturer:  Hans-Dieter Klingemann  (Social Science Research Centre (WZB), Berlin)
Hans-Dieter Klingemann
 is a famous German political scientist, former President of European Political Science Network (epsNet; 2002-2005). He is currently Professor Emeritus in the Social Science Research Centre (WZB), Berlin, Germany. Prof. Klingemann is author, co-author, editor and co-editor of over 30 books, as well as of over 150 articles in peer-review political science journals. He made several important contributions to such topics as comparative politics, political parties, and electoral behavior.
  • Lecture 1. The Current State of Political Science: Where do we come from and where do we go? Developments in Political Science since 1990
  • Lecture 2. Political Support: A key concept linking political theory and empirical research: Easton’s theory of political support
  • Lecture 3. Political Representation: The psychological dimension
  • Lecture 4. Legitimacy: Is there a legitimacy crisis of representative democracy? What do we know and don’t?
  • Lecture 5. Support of Democracy in Europe: An Empirical Assessment: On “Dissatisfied Democrats” An empirical analysis 1999-2008

Changes in attitudes and religiosity: how to measure them (2 master classes)

Lecturer: Kirill Zhirkov  (LCSR NRU HSE)
Kirill Zhirkov received an MSc degree from Utrecht University and M.A. from European University at Saint Petersburg. He is currently a LCSR research fellow. 
  • Master class 1: How to measure attitudes and trace changes in them
  • Master class 2: How to measure religiosity



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